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About us

Cathedral Gallery Ltd was founded on the principal of providing the highest quality home accessories. We have searched and tested and searched some more until we found the brands we were happy would meet our demands for high quality and sustainability.

At Gallery Candles, we stock a focused range of home accessories which include sustainable lighting, audio and frangrances. Each products is personally tested and only those we would be happy to use ourselves make it onto the site.

Candles and the environment

We all know how important it is to do what we can to help the environment.

Changing your candles may seem like a small insignificant step but with millions of candles sold every year, these small changes can have a big impact.

A brief history of candle making

Candles were originally made from tallow a product of beef or mutton fat along with other animal based products from Sperm whales and other animal fats.

Since Paraffin wax was invented in 1830, most candles have continued to be produced from this fossible based hydrocarbon.

Paraffin has many advantages over tallow wax but being a fossile fuel, its impact on the environment cannot be ignored. Beeswax is another popular material which is a by product of the production of honey.

Many vegans do not regard honey as being a vegan friendly material. With Bee populations already under threat from climate change and industrial pestisides, alternative materials are needed.

Alternative materials

There are now many vegan friendly waxes available which product safe and clean materials from which to produce hndmade candles with reduced impact on the environment.

All of our artisan candles are made from vegan friendly materials including Coconut and Rapseed wax. These create a pleasant long lasting handmade candle without the use of fossile fuels.

Rapeseed is grown across the UK using sustainable farming methods making it the ideal choice for our handmade luxury candles.

Other matierials include Soy wax and Palm wax. Production of Palm oil is considered to be damaging to the environment and a leading cause of climate change due to deforestation.

Soy wax has a lower environmental impact and while Soy crops are also associated with deforestation, it should be noted that most Soy crops are produced for animal feeds and only a small percentage is directly consumed by humans.

There are many ways to help reduce your impact on the environment, small steps combine to and among millions of us, these have the power to make a big difference.

Changing you candles may be a very small step but if taken along with many other small steps, together we can make a difference.