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Set yourself free with Gingko portable lighting

It’s time to ditch the plug with Gingko portable lighting

We loving decorate our homes and go to great lengths to achieve the perfect finish with flooring, skirting and wall coverings and then – we trail a cable across the floor to power the lighting where we want it.

Now with Gingko design sculptual portable lighting, you can set the mood anywhere in your home without being tied to a power socket.

Most Gingko products are powered from built in rechargable batteries that can last all night. Now you can position your lighting where you want it not where there is power.

A feature light on your coffee table, smart accordion and book lights make the perfect flexible centre piece. For a dark corner, try the ever popular baton lights or smart vase light.

Gingko products are perfect for warm evenings outside so why not take them out with you, most products fold down in seconds and are ready to light your our door space in seconds.

For a subtle and safe night light, Gingko portable lighting is the perfect solution – no more unsightly and dangerous cables to trip over and most products have varying light intensity allowing you to create the perfect lighting level in your home.

Pets love to chew and pull on cables, Gingko lighting can be easily recharged from a phone charger or laptop with the built in charging cable. Charge them safely out of reach ready to light any area of your home safely and effectively.

Check out the full Gingko range here – Gingko Design most items are in stock for immediate despatch.