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The New Gingko Design Evaro Lightbulb floating light

It’s been a long time coming but the new Evaro floating lightbulb light from Gingko Design has finally arrived. Here at Gallery Candles, we were very exited to receive our first delivery of these stunning and unique lamps. The lamps are well packaged in an attractive gift style box, it can be so disapointing to […]

Gingko Accordion Lights – Perfect for summers evenings

The new Gingko Velvet Accordion lights and warm summers evenings, the perfect combination. These attractive smart accordion lights come with a magnetic lanyard and can be hung almost anywhere. With enough power to run all evening and no need for unsightly cables, these Gingko accordion lights can travel with you where every you go. When […]

Gingko design alarm clocks on pink background

Gingko Alarm Clocks

We love our phones, they do everything for us and it’s hard to imagine life without them but perhaps it’s time to banish them from the bed room and invest in an attractive and functional alarm clock. How often have you checked the time in the night only to notice that imortant email or post […]

Gingko Velvet Accordion Lamp

Gingko Velvet Accordion Light

Gingko Velvet Accordion lights – smart portable scupltural lighting for your home. Add mood lighting to your room free from unsightly cables and plugs. These incredible battery powered accordion lights come in a choice of designs and feature two lighting levels to match your mood, simply close and open the accordion light to change the […]

Set yourself free with Gingko portable lighting

It’s time to ditch the plug with Gingko portable lighting

We loving decorate our homes and go to great lengths to achieve the perfect finish with flooring, skirting and wall coverings and then – we trail a cable across the floor to power the lighting where we want it. Now with Gingko design sculptual portable lighting, you can set the mood anywhere in your home […]