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what are Artisan Candles

What are Artisan Candles ?

No matter the time of year, lighting a high quality hand made artisan candle is the perfect way to end you day.
A good candle should have a subtle, gentle fragrance that lingers in the air and is not overpowering. So often we have found ourselves desperate to escape from heavy scents that seem to take over the room.
An artisan candle is a work of art, the product of someones determination to produce the best product possible using their skills and encorporating their unique tastes and styles. Each artist will have their prefered materials including soy, rapeseed and coconut waxes. Many different containers will be employed such as glass jars and tins, some esquisit others more down to earth. Each will be as unique as the individual that made it.
Most artisan candles are plastic free and vegan friendly while most factory made candles are not. Mass produced candles can include Stearic Acid which is often derived from animal fats and Bees wax both of which are used to harden the wax and increase the throw of the scent.
Paraffin wax is often used which is dervied from coal and while it may technically be classed as vegan, Paraffin wax is not a good choice for the environment.

Artisan candles are often made from soy, rapseed, coconut and many other waxes, all of which are much better for the environment. While there are some mass market soy candles on the market, the quality of the ingredients will not be to the same standard as a handmade candle.
These ingredients provide a longer burn time and more subtle scent what will not overwhelm the user. Look for candles that use sustainable materials for the wick and support the replanting of more trees. Wooden wicks burn with a slight crackle that adds to the overall affect of the experience.

So venture out, choose a high quality artisan candle and enjoy the soft glow knowing you are helping a small business and the environment.

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