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The New Gingko Design Evaro Lightbulb floating light

Evar floating lightbulb lamp

It’s been a long time coming but the new Evaro floating lightbulb light from Gingko Design has finally arrived. Here at Gallery Candles, we were very exited to receive our first delivery of these stunning and unique lamps.

The lamps are well packaged in an attractive gift style box, it can be so disapointing to purchase a gift only to find the packaging lets the product down – no one wants to receive a plain brown box, but the people at Gingko have worked their magic and produced a box that is every bit as well designed as the product itself.

There is nothing to assemble, you simply plug in the lamp and position the bulb and away you go. If you’ve used one of the Gingko moon lamps before, you will know it can take some practice to correctly position the moon over the base. This is not the case with the Evaro lamp, you simply raise the LED bulb towards the mount and you will feel it float into position.

Once in place, the bulb will withstand small knocks and movements but should it get knocked out of place, the bulb will jump up and stick to the base.

There is no need to be concerned about power cuts or accidentally switching it off as when the power is removed, the bulb will jump up and stick to the base.

There is a limit as to how much power can be inducted from the base to the bulb so the light is not overly bright and is probably best described as a decorative light. It looks amazing in any room and is perfect as a desk lamp, bed side or corner lamp.

Judging by the amount of interest we have received, the Gingko Evaro Lightbulb lamp is sure to be extremely popular.



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