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Gingko design alarm clocks on pink background

Gingko Alarm Clocks

We love our phones, they do everything for us and it’s hard to imagine life without them but perhaps it’s time to banish them from the bed room and invest in an attractive and functional alarm clock.

How often have you checked the time in the night only to notice that imortant email or post of face book and despite it being 3am you just have to reply. Maybe it’s an email from the boss with something urgent to be dealt with – once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to ignore.

No matter what the message, one things for certain, mobile phones don’t help us sleep. Tech is also very good at letting us down at the wrong moment by installing updates or turning off just before your due to wake up for that important meeting.

So next time maybe leave the phone in the kitchen and set one of our stunning but practical Gingko alarm clocks instead. Gingko clocks will not read you the news or let you know where your friends but they will tell the time and wake you on time every time. So check out the Gingko range of clocks and enjoy a good nights sleep knowing both you and your phone will be fully charged and ready to go.

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