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Meet the team

Hi I’m Kym and along with my crew of five yes five children, we run the candle gallery.
I grew up living above my parents shops, which ranged from a newsagents through to antiques and art. This was a great time to be living in the middle of the beautiful city of Lichfield; there was always something going on and I still see many of our old customers.

I’ve worked in retail for many years in small and large stores, sadly some of these great stores no longer exist. I was born deaf so working in retail has always been challenging but I’ve loved every minuite. Unfortunately Covid and the need to wear masks in shops meant it became impossible to continue working in retail so I set about searching for a new opportunity in which to infuse my passion for design and quality.

I’ve scoured the market for the best quality products from small independent suppliers which are sure to delight.

I’m passionate about the environment, I want my children to have the same opportunities as I had and its so important that we leave them a healthy planet to enjoy. I’ve chosent to deal only with suppliers that meet my high standards for sustainability. All our candles are Vegan friendly and plastic free. Our electronic devices are manufactured from sustainable materials and packed with the minimum of plastic and where possible we use recycled and bio degradable packaging.

The response to the candle gallery has been amazing, we had such a fantastic response from everyone and we’re looking forward to meeting many of you at our next event.