Gingko Cube Click Clocks
Gingko Cube Click Clock LED Portable battery powered Alarm clock

Gingko Cube Click Clock LED Portable battery powered Alarm clock


The Gingko Cube Click Clock is the perfect solution if you prefer to not have a bright light from a clock at night. To check the time, simply snap your fingers or tap your bed side table and the display will instantly light up showing the time in numbers that appear to float on the surface of the cube. No more dropping your phone in the darkness or being tempted to read the notifications.

Prefer to have the display permenantly lit ? No problem, with the Gingko Cube Click Clock, you can easily keep the display on and it will automatically dim to 50% of its normal brightness between 9pm and 7am.

The display alternates between time, date and temprature but if you prefer you can change this to display only the time in either 24 or 12 hour format.

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, the clock will run for around 6 months with the display off or 3 – 5 days if left permanently lit, however it can also be powered from a usb power adapter, the cable is included while the adapter is available to purchase seperately; most USB adapters can be used to power this clock.

Sustainable and practical the Gingko Cube Click Clock makes an ideal travel clock, perfect as a portable clock to move easily around or use it next to your bed every day.

A wide choice of cube and LED colours are available so there’s something to suite all tastes and styles.

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Key Features:

Stylish and simple to use
Tap click or clap to activate
Long Battery life – up to 6 months per charge
Made from Natural and sustainable materials
At home in the bedroom or as a travel alarm clock
Portable alarm clock runs for months on 3 x AAA Batteries or mains power
Use in the bedroom or as a travel alarm clock


  1. Displays time, date and temperature alternately
  2. Sound activated display or permanent display setting
  3. Alarm setting with snooze function
  4. Display dim 50% automatically between 9pm to 7am
  5. 12/24 hours or Celsius/Fahrenheit format can be selected
  6. Internal battery included to keep your custom settings in case of sudden power cut
  7. Power supply: 3x AAA batteries or 5V-500mA AC/DC plug adapter (USB adapter cable included)
  8. material: MDF wood box with wood/marble or aluminium effect veneer finish
  9. LED display colour: red. white, blue green or yellow
  10. Product size: 68x68x68mm
  11. Product weight: 120g
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Additional information

Material / Colour

Walnut / RED LED, Walnut/ Green LED, Teak/ Red LED, Black / Blue LED, Beech / Green LED, Black / White LED, Aluminium / White LED, White / White LED, Marble / White LED, Ash / Green LED, Copper / Red LED, Maple / Orange LED


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