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Gingko Cube Plus Sustainable Rechargable Wooden Cube Floating Display Alarm Clock

Gingko Cube Plus Sustainable Rechargable Wooden Cube Floating Display Alarm Clock


The Gingko Evaro lightbulb lamp features a floating incandescent style light bulb that floats magically below its attractive Walnut head. Both the bulb and it’s base are made to the highest standards from sustainable materials. This beautiful Evaro teardrop lamp

The latest LED Cube clock to join our sucessful range of sustainable hom accessories is the Gingko Cube Plus clock. This amazing cube clock combines the best elements of the existing ranges and brings them into one beautifully designed wooden alarm clock.

Made from a choice of natural woods including Bamboo, Cherry and Walnut, the Gingko Cube Plus clock combines a rechargable LED alarm clock with a timer or stop watch. Powered by a built in rechargable battery, the Gingko Cube Plus wooden alarm clock has a long runtime and can power the cube clock for 1 – 2 weeks with the display set to on or 2 months in sound activated mode. This clever LED cube clock automatically dims the display between 9pm and 7am maintaining just the right level of light from the display.

The wooden cube LED alarm clock offers a choice of alarm sounds;  Natural forest bird song, Sea Waves or Wide awake Rooser depending on how gently you like to be woken up. To activate the alarm, simply flip the clock over, the clever Floating LED clock display will flip over and remain the right way up and unique to the Gingko Cube plus clock is the ability to set the display to display vertically or horizontally.

The Gingko design cube plus wooden alarm clock is the perfect companion at home, work or away. The small light cube can easily be stored in your bag or case without taking up too much space and with the long battery life between charges, there’s no need to take a charger with you, but should you need to, the cube plus can be charged from a standard USB phone charger or laptop.

The timer / stop watch feature is perfect for timing games or as a timer for the kitchen. With it’s mix of technology coupled with sustainable traditional material, the Gingko Cube Plus wooden clock is sure to attract plenty of attention in your home.


  • Powered by in-built 2000 mAh rechargeable battery with USB C charging cable included
  • 12/24 hour Clock, alarm, timer and stopwatch all in one
  • Horizontal or vertical clock display in sound activated or permanent display setting
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Alarm sound music choose from natural forest bird sound, holiday-mode sea waves or wide-awake rooster
  • Touch control buttons
  • Automatic dim 50% between 9pm to 7am
  • Made from natural walnut, bamboo and cherry wood
  • Battery life: approx 2 months in sound activated display or 1-2 weeks in permanent display
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Product size: 80mm or 3.15 inches cube
  • Product weight: 195g or 0.43lbs
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Natural Cherry Wood, Natural Walnut Wood, Natural Bamboo Wood


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