Gingko Tumbler Selifie Speaker Cherry Taking Selfie
Gingko Tumber Selfie Speaker

Gingko Tumber Selfie Speaker


The Gingko Tumber Selfie Speaker lets you play music from your bluetooth enabled smart device while taking pictures on your phone by clicking the speaker. Take the perfect selfie without the need to press the button on your phone.

The Gingko Tumber Selfie Speaker is a bluetooth device that links easily to Android and Apple devices and not only plays your favourite tunes on the move but also doubles as a selfie button for your device.

Now you can take selfies easily and quickly without the need to juggle holding your phone while trying to press the camera button. With the Gingko Tumbler Selfie Speaker, taking group pictures is a breeze, simply line up the picture and use the Gingko Tumbler Selfie Speaker to take the perfect picture without shaking or moving the camera.

This small high quality portable rechargable speaker can be taken along with you on the move or pop it on your desk at home. Two Gingko Tumbler Selfie Speakers can be linked together for full stereo effect.

Made with a 100% sustainable natural wood housing, cleverly hidden charge point and handy carry strap, the Gingko Tumbler Selfie Speaker provides up to 10 hours of continous play in a small pocket size device.

Charge up from your laptop or phone charger (AC Charger not included)  


Made from 100% natural and sustainable walnut, Maple or Cherry wood
Bluetooth V5. 0
Output power : 3W
Speaker driver:32mm
Selfie photo feature
Powered by in built Li-polymer rechargeable battery 300mAh
4-12 hours play time (depends on the volume)
Input power : DC5V, 0. 2A
Approx 1.5 – 2 hours for fully charged
Size: L 55mm s W 60mm x H 55mm  (or a 3/5 round ball with diameter of 55mm)
Weight : 100g
TWS function so you can pair two units together to have stereo sound

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I turn on my Tumbler Selfie speaker?
    To turn on the speaker, simply touch and hold your finger on the centre of the fabric top for 3-4 seconds.
  2. How long will the battery last on the Tumbler Selfie Speaker?
    The battery on the Tumbler Selfie Speaker will last between 4 and 12 hours, depending on the volume of
    the speaker.
  3. How long does the speaker take to charge?
    The speaker takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to fully charge. The product is full charged when the LED
    light in the front of the speaker turns off. Please always use the charging cable provided to charge the
  4. How do I know when the battery is low?
    The speaker will make 2 beep sounds every 5-10 seconds to indicate that the battery is low.
    How do I connect a device to the Tumbler Selfie Speaker?
    Make sure that the speaker is turned on and then look for ‘Tumbler Selfie Speaker’ in the Bluetooth
    searching list on your phone. Select ‘Tumbler Selfie Speaker’ to connect your phone to the speaker, the
    White light will then stay on instead of flashing to indicate that they are successfully paired. If the ‘Tumbler
    Selfie Speaker’ is not found on your device, turn the Bluetooth off and on again, research for available
    devices and it should then show up.
  5. How do I use the Selfie feature?
    To use the Selfie feature, make sure that there is no music playing and that your camera app is open on
    your device. Then single press the fabric on the speaker and your camera will take a Selfie photo.
  6. Can I use the speaker to pause and play my music?
    Yes, to pause your music press the fabric top once and to play simply press the fabric again.
  7. How do I use the TWS feature to pair 2 speakers together?
    To pair 2 speakers together, please first make sure that neither of the speakers have been paired with any
    Bluetooth device first. Make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your device and then turn on both
    speakers by holding the fabric top of the speakers for 3 seconds. Once they are on, quickly press the same
    area twice on one or both speakers and they should be paired in 5-10 seconds. This is indicated by a
    beeping sound.
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Walnut, Maple, Cherry


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