The Classic Collection – 55 Hour Candles
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The Classic Collection – 55 Hour Candles



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The Candle Brand 55 Hour Classic Candle Collection –
Available in 35 hour and 55 hour candles

The Candle Brand 55 Hour Classic Candles feature a wooden wick that glows projecting a subtle flickering flame through the high quality glass jar. These are very high quality candles that will complement the interior of any room.
The Candle Brand Classic Candles come complete with a signature branded timber lid to retain the freshness of the fragrance.

Produced from natural rapesee and coconut wax which do not produce the stong and sometimes overpowering smell assocciated with other wax materials such as parafin wax. The Candle Brand Classic Candles are long lasting providing an even burn down the jar while producing a pleasing yet subtle aroma.

The Candle Brand Classic Collection have now been discontinued due to material shortages, but at Gallery Candles, we still have a large stock availabe at low prices. No memberships or discount vouchers required, just great prices everyday.

Minimum 55 Hour Burning Time | 30cl

Total Dimensions (with lid): 110mm High x 85mm Dia.
Net weight: 280g approx.
Burn Time: 55 hrs approx.


Simply rapeseed and coconut wax, infused with natural smells and wooden wicks; You can rest assured that products from The Candle Brand classic collections are safer to burn around the family home being free from phalates, paraffin, palm, beeswax, dyes or additional additives.


  • Eucalyptus with Lemon
    Refresh | Energize | Revitalise
    Energize your soul with this zesty and vibrant fragrance. An exciting combination of zingy lemon and zesty orange peel delicately strung together with floral notes of eucalyptus and peony.
  • Lily and White Rose
    Uplift | Revive | Inspire
    Uplift your senses with this sensual floral blend. With white roses at its core this fragrance signifies true love and purity. Intertwined with lily and touches of white musk, this scent will add a subtle touch of warmth throughout your home.
  • Lychee with Peony
    Regenerate | Enhance | Soothe
    Experience fresh mornings as this sweet fresh scent offers delicate peony petals with an exquisite taste of lychee. Flavours continue to unfold and intertwine introducing tasteful notes such as raspberries, peach nectar, and jasmine.
  • Lavender with Clary Sage
    Relax | De-stress | Empower
    Unwind with this complex and unique blend of comforting fragrances. Containing pure lavender essential oil, this soothing and relaxing fragrance will soothe your soul and relax your mind.
  • Tropical Fruits
    Boost | Enrich | Strengthen
    A bestseller, this complex blend is simply enriched. Starting with a base of vanilla, then layered with citrus, kiwi, and mango. Finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries.
  • Very Vanilla
    Calm | Compose | Recharge
    Set your mood with this rich, creamy vanilla aroma. Traditional and perfect for any home interior and environment. Year after year vanilla reigns as a popular and superior home fragrance.

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Eucalyptus with Lemon, Lily and White Rose, Lychee with Peony, Lavender with Clary Sage, Tropical Fruits, Very Vanilla


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