Gingko Design Dandelion Rechargable Night Light
Gingko Design Dandelion Amber Crystal Light

Gingko Design Dandelion Amber Crystal Light


The Dandilion, an iconic feature of English country side and gardens is now featured in this stunning design Amber Crystal Sphere, beautifully light from below to create a truely unique ambient light thats suitable for any room in the home or office.

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Bring the unique beauty of the classic Dandelion to life within your home with the Dandilion Amber Crystal light from Gingko Design. This stunning sphere features a 3D engraved Dandilion illuminated from the Walnut wooden base.
The base features a built in long life rechargable battery providing three light levels allowing this Amber Crystal light to be used as a desk accessory by day and ambient night light in the evening.
Position this beautiful spherical ambinet Dandilion light in any location in any room and its sure to draw attention and become the focal point of many conversations.
The sphere can be positioned to provide almost limitless angles and views of this classic Dandilion design.
Connect the supplied USB-C cable to a laptop or phone charger to recharge and this stunning Gingko desktop light.

There are many designs to choose from so why not start a collection of Gingko Amber Crystal lights.


  1. Product material: FSC certified walnut wood base with premium non-fragile 3D laser printed crystal design
  2. 3 light temperature available
  3. Battery life: 10 – 96 hours
  4. LED colour temperature: 2900K~3100K
  5. Power Output: 2.0 watts
  6. Power input: DC5V 0.5A
  7. Power source: 2000MAH Li-on 804050 rechargeable battery
  8. Product size: 80mm Width x 95mm high or 3.15’’ diameter x 3.74’’ high
  9. Product weight: 756g or 1.67lbs
  10. Available Designs: Galaxy, World Globe, Saturn, Solar System, Dandelions, Skull, Rain Cloud, Ferris Wheel, Stag


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