Gingko Design Solar System Desk Light
Gingko Design Solar System Amber Crystal Light

Gingko Design Solar System Amber Crystal Light


The Galaxy, an unimaginable expanse of stars holding countless worlds beyond our imagination. Now you can gaze at our beauty of our Galaxy from the comfort of any room in your home with the stunning Gingko Design rechargable Galaxy light.

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The solar system, home to our planet and our plentary neighbours. Now you can bring our solar system to life captured in this stunning Amber Crystal light.

The Gingko Solar System light can be placed in any location thanks to its built in long life rechargable battery, simply connect the base to a USB power source to recharge.

Featuring three light levels with touch control, the Solar System sphere and Walnut wood base can be placed anywhere without the need for power.

The Gingko Design Solar System light features a map of the planets and each one is named making this the perfect educational gift for all ages.

The sphere can be repositioned to the desired angle giving many different views of the planets. Place this Solar System light on a desk, table or bedside and enjoy the wonders of our closest planets as they orbit the Sun.

PLEASE NOTE: This product must not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid damage.


  1. Product material: FSC certified walnut wood base with premium non-fragile 3D laser printed crystal design
  2. 3 light temperature available
  3. Battery life: 10 – 96 hours
  4. LED colour temperature: 2900K~3100K
  5. Power Output: 2.0 watts
  6. Power input: DC5V 0.5A
  7. Power source: 2000MAH Li-on 804050 rechargeable battery
  8. Product size: 80mm Width x 95mm high or 3.15’’ diameter x 3.74’’ high
  9. Product weight: 756g or 1.67lbs
  10. Available Designs: Galaxy, World Globe, Saturn, Solar System, Dandelions, Skull, Rain Cloud, Ferris Wheel, Stag


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