Gingko R Space Lamp Bed Side Lamp
Gingko R Space Lamp

Gingko R Space Lamp


The Gingko R Space Lamp is a contemporary portable rechargable lamp that folds flat into an R shape when not in use. Complete with remote control and charging cable, this lamp offers soft warm and cool white lighting modes along with a long run time from it’s integrated rechargable battery. Perfect for the bedroom, office and living rooms.

The Gingko R Space Lamp is a contemporary portable rechargable lamp which is perfect for lighting any setting. When closed, the body which is made from natural wood in either Maple or Walnut is a 3D R shape. When opened, it transforms into a stunning and elegant lantern with a choice of soft warm or cool white lighting modes which are controlled by remote control.

The Gingko R Space lamp can be dimmed and turned on and off using the supplied remote control and is made from Tyvek papers which are water resistant and tear proof.

With a long run time between 8 and 72 hours depending on the brightness of the lamp and short charging time of 3 – 4 hours, this lamp is perfect for any location around the home you wish to light but lack power. Pop it onto a table, or desk for instant lighting without the need to trail cables over the floor.

The Gingko R Space lamp is easily recharged using the supplied USB charging cable either from a laptop or 5v USB AC Charger (Charger not included).


Powered by in-built 2500 mAh rechargeable battery with USB charging cable
USB charging or plug adapter power voltage: 5V
Natural wood finishes in walnut and maple
Remote control or open-and-shut operated
Colour light temperature: cool white (5000k) or soft warm yellow white (2700k)
Rated power: 4.5W
Battery life: 8 hours in brightest mode and 72 hours in least brightness mode
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Product size: when closed: 145 x 250 x 25mm / 5.70” x  9.84” x 0.98” (L x W x H)
Product size: when opened: 290 x 250 / 11.40”x 9.84 (L x D)
Product weight: 150g / 0.33 lbs

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long will the battery last on my R Space Desk lamp?
    The battery on the R Space will last for up to 8 hours when used in the brightest mode and up to 72 hours when used at the lowest brightness.
  2. The light has gone really dim and faint, why is this?
    This indicates that the battery in the lamp is low and needs recharging. To resolve this, simply recharge the lamp using the charging cable provided.
  3. How long does the R Space take to charge?
    The charging time for the R Space is 3-4 hours, the LED light will turn from Red to Green when fully charged. Please make sure that you always charge the product with the charging cable provided.
  4. How do I change between the different light settings?
    The R Space Desk Lamp has 2 settings, Warm light and Cool light. To change between these settings you can either close and open the lamp or alternatively use the remote provided. The remote also enables you to make the light dimmer or brighter, depending on y
    our preference
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Maple, Walnut


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